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2021-08-10 Cretella, Alexander... Updating the Values.yaml for several services. Cleaned... 91/6591/1 master
2021-06-02 Eric BallAdd unwanted values.yaml files to .gitignore
2021-03-12 Chen, Jackie... updating otf-deployment process with more details
2021-02-02 Chen, Jackie... updating unused values on config files with default...
2021-01-29 Chen, Jackie... updated docker/helm files for svc,ping,robot,ssh, and o1
2021-01-29 Chen, Jackie... adding one click repo and vth helm charts
2021-01-29 Chen, Jackie... updating helm/docker files and database config files
2021-01-29 Zhe HuangMerge "updated maven setting for camunda and service...
2021-01-20 ZheChange the PTL to Zhe Huang, Add Zhe Huang as committer.
2021-01-15 Chen, Jackie... updated maven setting for camunda and service api
2020-06-19 Lusheng JiRelease it-otf-a1-sdnc-vth image
2020-06-19 Lusheng JiReleasing a1-sdnc and a1-policy-manager images
2020-06-17 Lusheng JiMerge "Updating release notes in preparation of bronze...
2020-06-16 Chen, JackieUpdating release notes in preparation of bronze release
2020-06-16 Lusheng JiRemove proxy setting
2020-06-15 Chen, JackieAdding policy manager and a1 sdnc vth
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